Call Center

Research reveals that a negative corporate culture permeates many of today’s US Call Centers. The factors that contribute to these negative environments include: the stressful nature of call center work, stringent and inflexible rules, the focus on quantitative standards, and high levels of management scrutiny.

Investing in and creating a high performance, positive culture improves employee morale, productivity and retention, service levels, and customer loyalty. The three elements that are critical to creating and sustaining a high performance Call Center environment are Accountability, Teams and Coaching. The three tools that connect these three elements are the Call Model, Goal Setting and Personal Mastery.

Call Center Excellence - Lewis Associates, Inc.

Call Center Excellence

To remain successful, more and more companies are relying on developing a customer service culture as a competitive advantage. A commitment to serving the customer in an excellent fashion may be the only thing that differentiates your Call Center from your competition. This call center associate training focuses on both the inner game of achieving excellence, the inner game of self leadership; and the outer game of providing excellent customer contact.

Call Center Sales Training - Lewis Associates, Inc.

Call Center Sales Training

Telephone selling is the fastest growing area of sales and business in the market today. Many tens of thousands of new jobs are being created for salespeople who are competent in dealing with customers and prospective customers over the phone. Many customers do not need to see a salesperson face-to-face in order to make a decision. Other customers do not need to see the salesperson repeatedly once they have begun buying from the company and are satisfied. Your team's ability to use the telephone skillfully as a business tool is absolutely essential to your success, no matter what area of selling your team specializes in.

Call Center Supervisor Development - Lewis Associates, Inc.

Call Center Supervisor Development

An excellent supervisor is someone who achieves superior results consistently by getting the very best out of himself or herself and the people entrusted to him or her. An excellent supervisor is one who releases the potential of others so they make an even greater contribution to the organization. The strength of any organization is determined by the quality of its frontline supervisors at all levels.

Coach the Coaches - Lewis Associates, Inc.

Coach the Coaches

The key to creating a World Class Call Center in today's competitive market environment is to focus on your people. And the single greatest influence on the performance of your telephone representatives is their immediate supervisor. This Call Center workshop is focused and filled with practical, usable ideas that your supervisors, team leaders, coaches and trainers can take back to your call center and immediately put to good use.

Entrepreneurial Service - Lewis Associates, Inc.

Entrepreneurial Service

Customer service is what makes the difference between keeping and losing customers, between making a profit and losing market share. In today's business climate, service is what gives a company their competitive edge. And the front line associate with direct customer contact is the company's primary channel to meet customer needs. The way the front line associate handles customer requests, inquiries and problems is crucial to the success of the organization.

Inside Sales Training - Lewis Associates, Inc.

Inside Sales Training

The term “inside sales” covers a lot of ground. Account management. Inbound. Outbound. Complex and non-complex selling environments. Consultative and transactional. Regardless of your requirements, we customize your inside sales training solution to not only maximize your ability to meet the needs of your existing customers, but paves the way to powerfully and profitably engaging new prospects.