At Lewis Associates, our approach to the business is to utilize proven tools and over 25 years of experience to create a performance improvement process for our clients.

Our learning-based solutions focus on consulting services and skills training in sales performance, leadership and enterprise development. We partner with our clients to create business advantage by developing the skills and performance of their people.

The Lewis Advantage is our consulting process. While shot-in-the-arm training delivers short term results, we focus on delivering long term organizational shift.

Our consulting methodology instructs and leads members of an organization through a process designed to assist them in discovering their own answers and implementing their own solutions. Our consulting process differs from traditional management consulting methods, because we focus on the people element of the equation.

Although the method has a prescribed procedure, the sequence, timing and level of effort expended by a company on each step is carefully tailored to its unique needs. Each step focuses on a distinct organizational or managerial requirement, with the entire process developing into a program that produces optimum company productivity and individual performance. The methodology achieves deep and potentially lasting results by cascading cultural change throughout the organization.

Our method is a practical, disciplined and comprehensive approach to assisting businesses in solving their problems while enhancing participatory management practices. It is based on the demonstrated principle that people working together in complimentary teams can solve bigger and more complex problems, and can produce more meaningful organizational changes, than individual managers working alone.


At Lewis Associates, we work with your company experts to conduct a thorough needs analysis. We provide any or all of the components, depending upon the research you may have already done.


From the Discovery process, we provide our findings and formulate a recommendation. With your design team, we define skill areas that need to be focused on to achieve the desired outcomes. We also design the format of your consulting process or training intervention.


Each consulting project is content-rich and custom-tailored to your unique environment. A consulting process may include assessments, advanced facilitation and/or training interventions. These training interventions may be stand alone programs, or they are combined into a series presented over several months for maximum impact.


Our reinforcement strategies include quarterly review sessions, manager meetings, e-learning, audiolibraries for self-paced review, and field tools such as learning aids and management forms. This insures that what is learned during the process is implemented on the job.