Executive Development

Leaders today need to develop clear strategy based on objective analysis of their organization’s performance. The organization’s strategic alignment can be looked at in terms of Time (Present and Future) and Focus of Attention (Inward and Outward). Improvements in the Four Strategic Initiatives: Operations Effectiveness, Customer Satisfaction, Organization Agility and Innovation Opportunities are made possible by the Fifth Strategic Initiative: The Learning Culture.

Executive Leadership Style - Lewis Associates, Inc.

Executive Leadership Style

The definition of leadership is the ability to elicit extraordinary performance from ordinary people. The purpose of organizations is to maximize strengths and make individual weaknesses irrelevant. The manager's ability to combine a group of people into a high performance team is the single most important quality to develop for maximum results. During this session, participants learn to manage their leadership style in such a way to get the very best out of each of their direct reports.

Executive Mastery Program - Lewis Associates, Inc.

Executive Mastery Program

Over the years, we have been led to believe that leaders are those who stride boldly about, exude power and confidence, give orders and make decisions for others to carry out. That is old school. The leader of today asks questions, listens carefully, plans diligently and builds consensus among those who are necessary for achieving the goals. During these executive exploration sessions, organizational vision, values and mental models are developed through the practice of dialogue, white paper development, site visits and experiential exercises.

Executive Time Management - Lewis Associates, Inc.

Executive Time Management

This advanced educational program provides executives with the tools to work effectively and cohesively toward the achievement of common and individual goals. No matter what the individual self management style, each manager will learn the complete Time/Design process and learn to make it their own -- to use the Time/Design system to support strategic and creative thinking; to accommodate the "give and take" of multiple responsibilities; to improve performance and increase productivity.

High Performance Leadership - Lewis Associates, Inc.

High Performance Leadership

Leadership is more who you are than what you do. Your ability to develop the qualities of effective leadership, the essence of what it takes to be a leader, is more important to your success as an executive than any other factor. The leaders we need today are both transactional leaders (those empowered to carry out the functions of management) and transformational leaders -- those rare few who break new ground and chart new seas into the future, the pathfinders or the visionaries who lead into areas where no one has been before.

Leading Change - Lewis Associates, Inc.

Leading Change

Leading Change means establishing what is important to your people, communicating to them what is important to you and the organization, and finding ways of meeting both their and your goals. This is what lies at the heart of organizational change initiatives.

Motivation & Peak Performance - Lewis Associates, Inc.

Motivation & Peak Performance

There are distinct patterns to employee motivation techniques and by which companies engage their employees to capitalize on emotional energy and consistently achieve higher levels of performance than their competition. During this workshop we share the essence of what it takes in terms of employee motivation techniques to achieve peak performance and describes the differences in core values and management styles that deliver this.

Motivation and Values - Lewis Associates, Inc.

Motivation and Values

An executive's ability to motivate his or her people to higher levels of performance and effectiveness improves his or her proficiency as a leader. By motivating people continuously and correctly, executives can dramatically improve performance and results. During this workshop, managers learn the most up-to-date research regarding motivation and how to utilize this knowledge for the achievement of personal and business goals.

Vision Into Action - Lewis Associates, Inc.

Vision Into Action

The ability to set and implement business strategy is the key skill of leadership that determines everything else that happens within the organization. During this session, participants learn the key elements of strategic thinking, planning and implementation. Executives learn to develop strategic objectives, how to plan and organize resources to achieve them, and how to work and think smarter rather than harder.