Inside Sales Training

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Turn Prospects into Customers and Customers into Clients

Tough economic times demand superior selling – the easy sales are gone. Inside Sales Training offers better skills for every part of your call, and we’ll customize it to your selling environment..

Do you have agents that are simply afraid to sell? They are happy just doing the customer service portion of the job? They’re hoping that the customer will ask “By the way, what other products are you selling?” Inside Sales Training workshop is a customized program that takes the fear and mystery out of selling.

Delivered live at your facility, this is an interactive program centered around relationship selling and teaches positive phrasing techniques to improve communication and customer response. We’ll explore the art of asking the right questions with the skill of listening for the cues that uncover the prospect’s hidden needs, wants and fears.

Your agents will begin employing a proven formula that makes them much more consistent and effective. No more “shooting from the hip” or letting the call go wherever the caller takes it. The Customized Sales Model will improve every part of the call, from Greetings and Initial Objections, to superior Needs Identification, much better product offers, Cross-selling/Up-selling, Closing and dealing successfully with Late-Call Objections.

Customization for your program is developed through an onsite observation, which allows for real life examples to be woven in and demonstrated throughout the training. Your staff will be provided with specific and practical sales techniques they can use on the very next call!

Program Agenda

  • Relationship Selling
  • Developing Trust
  • Call Handling Strategies
  • The Art of Conversation
  • Sales Call Outcomes
  • Organizational Skills