Most of our learning programs involve a Developmental Process. Our goal is not to merely present training topics; but to encourage participants to engage in new behavioral growth on the job. Assessment tools, pre-session learning assignments, and post-session reinforcement strategies are just some of the ways we turn good ideas into meaningful action.

In order to make the training easily applicable to your company’s work environment, our Tailoring Process is utilized. Manager interviews, custom case studies, participant needs analysis, and a design session are some of the steps we take to ensure an impactful, customized learning system.


Our sales programs are highly interactive and action oriented. Sales professionals learn with their peers. Collaborative discussion, peer-to-peer, and action planning provide a group learning experience with each person helping the other. Participants bring their own examples and specific projects they are working on. The sales team is provided with targeted strategies and game plans for their actual business concerns.

Behavioral change does not take place by passively receiving information. It occurs by doing. It requires instruction, practice and coaching. Proficiency increases over time as the salesperson absorbs the various nuances of the skill. This process cannot be short-circuited, but it can be accelerated.

A key determinant of success for sales consulting and training is engaging the management team. It is essential that sales management support the salespeople as they begin to engage in new behaviors. Each sales team member works to master a comprehensive set of sales tools that make an immediate and lasting impact. Reinforcement strategies insure that new sales systems are utilized. Measuring systems are deployed to determine sales results.


The strength of any organization is determined by the quality of its managers and supervisors at all levels, in all departments. These are the people who are responsible for accomplishing the goals of the organization. They are the officer corps of the corporate army.

What they do and how they do it is often the key determinant of organizational success. What is an effective leader? An effective leader is someone who gets the job done by working with and through others. A capable team leader is someone who not only does things right, but who also does the right things — the key to effectiveness. The best leaders are those who consistently get the very best out of themselves, as well as the people entrusted to them.

Our manager and supervisor programs include assessment tools, experiential activities, role plays, group discussion and action planning to create a dynamic, learning experience. Workshops are customized to reflect the culture and leadership expectations of your organization. Our Customization Process includes Facility Visits, Participant Prework Questionnaires, Custom case studies and support tools.