Call Center Excellence

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To remain successful, more and more companies are relying on developing a customer service culture as a competitive advantage. A commitment to serving the customer in an excellent fashion may be the only thing that differentiates your company from your competition. This associate training focuses on both the inner game of achieving excellence and self leadership and the outer game of providing excellent customer contact.

Many organizations fail in their quest for excellent customer service, not because their managers don’t understand the concept or technical requirements for achieving it; but because they don’t realize the heart of the service journey is spiritual rather than mechanical. Spirit is the invisible force that moves organizations and people. Spirit in an organization reflects the core values, attitudes and beliefs that shape the way people see themselves, their customers and the business world. Spirit causes people to behave the way they do.

The journey to Call Center excellence is as much an individual and personal one as an organizational one. The spirit of service must come alive, stay alive, grow and flourish if the organization is to leap beyond the bounds of mediocrity.

While the workshop includes case studies, role plays and wide ranging discussions, participants are also engaged in experiential exercises that allow associates to put the principles into action in a neutral setting. This associate level training centers around a business model that suggests the best form of customer service is provided by an empowered, passionate and thoughtful associate.

Workshop Agenda

  • Spirit of Service
  • Cycle of Service
  • Standards of Performance
  • Long Term Value of Customers
  • Customer Defection
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Dealing with Irate Customers
  • The Journey