Personal Excellence

Most of us intuitively understand that the climate of one’s workplace has an impact on how people feel and on how they perform. In using the term climate, we refer to the collective atmosphere of a workplace: the attitudes, perceptions, and dynamics that affect how people perform on a daily basis.

A healthy corporate climate is proven to boost productivity. The elements of this include supportive management, contribution, self-expression, recognition, clarity and challenge.

In addition, employees must be given tools to manage their perceptions and emotional reactions so they become active creators of a healthier climate, not just victims of management whims. Creating a high performance culture — while giving employees practical tools for managing and leveraging their emotional and intellectual processes — represents a powerful parallel approach to regaining organizational vitality.

Achieving Personal Excellence - Lewis Associates, Inc.

Achieving Personal Excellence

Organizational success today requires fully responsible, clearly focused individuals to perform at their personal best. When people feel as though they are growing as individuals, they become more dedicated to growing the company. We're entering the information age. The economy is shifting more and more toward services, and toward knowledge work. The shift to the new economy requires a vastly different approach in the way organizations and people operate. In this workshop, participants are provided with timeless principles for personal performance and guidelines for achieving excellence in the age of empowerment.

Change Catalyst: Leading Change Initiatives - Lewis Associates, Inc.

Change Catalyst: Leading Change Initiatives

The methods used in successful change processes are all based on one fundamental insight: that major change will not happen easily for a long list of reasons. Organizations are trying to innovate, embrace new technologies and respond to a rapidly changing marketplace. Over half of major change initiatives prove to be disappointments or outright failures. This workshop gives managers and supervisors the tools they need to lead change initiatives.

Change Mastery: How to Marshall the Forces of Change - Lewis Associates, Inc.

Change Mastery: How to Marshall the Forces of Change

The last great freedom of man is the freedom to choose his or her attitude under any given circumstances. We cannot control what happens to us, but we can control our attitude toward what happens to us; and in doing so, we will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master us. Change Mastery participants learn how to be creators of circumstance, not creatures of circumstance. The aim is to become change masters, to embrace change, to welcome change and to ride the tides of change.

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Conflict Resolution

Conflict comes with the territory called managing. It is necessary and indispensable. Conflict is either destructive or constructive. It is constructive when it is functional; it is destructive when it is not channeled. Conflict is like energy or rushing water. Unless it is utilized for a purpose, it finds its own purpose. The task of management is to channel conflict, which is potentially a destructive force, into being constructive by developing and nurturing a climate of mutual respect and trust in an organization.

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Maximum Achievement

The company of the 21st century can no longer have employees that expect the organization to parent them. The goal of this training is to develop a corporate culture that is at the same time people-centered while fostering a high state of mutual accountability and responsibility. This training series is a complete and holistic approach to the development of your associates. It combines a thorough understanding of human potential with action plans that enable the associate to achieve personal growth and the organization to achieve its strategic objectives.

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Success is a Journey

High performance individuals know that you can't hit a target that you can't see. We can't do wonderful things with our lives if we have no idea what they are. We must first become clear about what we want. We have to decide exactly what "success" means. We have to decide what our life would look like if we made it into a masterpiece. All great achievement begins with deciding what it is that we really want and then dedicating ourselves wholeheartedly to attaining it.

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Successful Career Planning

Successful Career Planning is a way of understanding yourself and the work world and a way of acting that improves your career success. This means understanding the external economic, business and social landscape; learning about new work and career realities; and ensuring your continued marketability. It also means knowing yourself so you can make the right decisions about your career.