Call Center Sales Training

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Telephone selling is the fastest growing area of sales and business in the market today. Many tens of thousands of new jobs are being created for salespeople who are competent in dealing with customers and prospective customers over the phone. The cost of the average face-to-face sales call today is more than $400. Many customers do not need to see a salesperson face-to-face in order to make a decision. Other customers do not need to see the salesperson repeatedly once they have begun buying from the company and are satisfied.

Boiler rooms have given way to more sophisticated approaches, and those considered pitch men are now telemarketing specialists. There are no secret rites involved in phone sales, no magic scripts, no silver bullets. There are however, certain guidelines which, when adhered to, will result in increased productivity, regardless of what you
are selling.

Your team’s ability to use the telephone skillfully as a business tool is absolutely essential to your success, no matter what area of selling your team specializes in. Telephone skills are like any other skills. They are learned by repetition and practice over and over until your team masters the telephone as a sales instrument.

Workshop Agenda

  • Relationship Selling
  • Campaign Selling
  • Time Management
  • Prospecting and Qualifying
  • Handling Objections
  • Influencing Customers
  • Psychology of Selling