Monte Lewis

Monte is a partner at Lewis Associates, Inc. and is one of our most sought after sales and sales management consultants and trainers. With over 24 years of experience in business development, sales management, training and business ownership, Monte delivers a dynamic approach to the learning environment. He is a proven consultant and trainer who quickly demonstrates the ability to develop and teach a model of superior sales performance. This has created success for him and for those who have followed his Lewis Associates process. He is the author of many of our training workshops, including the Executive Mastery Program.

Kathleen Lewis

As a partner at Lewis Associates, Kathleen analyzes the research provided in our Discovery process and formulates training or consulting recommendations for our clients. Kathleen also coordinates all functions of our training and consulting interventions. Her background includes a B.S. from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, a career as Vice President of Sales at a Manufacturers’ Rep Agency; as well as over 24 years experience in business ownership and consulting for Lewis Associates, Inc.


The Lewis Associates, Inc. team has extensive experience in organization and business development. Your firm can benefit from the collective knowledge, expertise and experience of our consultants in professional development, managing change, strategic planning, developing a sales and customer service culture, and enterprise wide development.

Our team of professional consultants are focused on achieving lasting value for our clients. They apply a balance of theory, research, innovation, expertise and application that is vital to a long-term, successful outcome. Our people are equipped to meet the challenge of change. They are experienced experts, who, by refreshing, expanding and nurturing their own knowledge base, are able to deliver solutions that are both relevant and up to speed. Everyone at Lewis Associates is a practitioner of what they offer and advise, continually improving and learning.

Jeff Gardner

Jeff has more than 20 years of real-life sales and management experience. He has worked with and trained over 10,000 salespeople and managers. Co-author of Maximum Selling, Jeff is personally committed to achieving proficiency in professional selling and sales management through research and study. Jeff’s business background of working in service, retail, distribution and manufacturing has given him a well-rounded understanding of what it takes to be successful in today’s complex business environment.

Cliff Hurst

Cliff is a specialist in Service Quality and Call Center Management. He conducts his Coach the Coaches workshops all across the US and Canada. Some of Cliff’s clients include MBNA, Verizon, US Cellular and The Thomson Corporation. Cliff is the author of A Career for the 21st Century: A Handbook for Call Center Agents. He is also author of a series of CD-ROM courses for managers, The Business Success Series. Titles in this series include: Business Strategy, Performance Management, Planning & Organizing, and Motivation & Teamwork.

William Kay

Bill works with managers and executives in the areas of Strategic Planning, Project Management and Financial Skills. Bill’s mission is to increase the profitability and productivity of our client organizations by selecting and teaching individuals the personal and professional skills required to obtain the greatest quality and quantity of results from their areas of responsibility. Some of his clients include Gillette, Honeywell, ITT Industries, Panasonic, Pepsi Cola, Sprint and General Electric.

Service Partners

Our Service Partners contribute a comprehensive portfolio of “best of class” products and consulting services. As an independent consulting group, Lewis Associates is free to scour the world’s leading performance technology providers and program developers (courseware or software) to equip our clients with the best possible solutions available. With colleagues in major U.S. cities and working relationships in Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia, we have the resources to provide you with just-in-time delivery and national or worldwide implementation support.

Brian Tracy International

Sales and Leadership Programs

Lewis Associates is a Regional Associate Firm of the worldwide consulting network, Brian Tracy International (BTI). BTI’s professional consultants and facilitators are trained and certified to install programs in companies of all sizes. Increase the productivity, performance and output of your management, staff and salespeople with these world class training programs, complete with workbooks and audio and video reinforcement.


Talent Selection and Employee Development Solutions

From hourly employees to executives, OutMatch takes a data-driven approach to talent. Insight about job fit – backed by their deep understanding of hiring and employee development – brings a new level of confidence and clarity to your selection and development process.


Compass Plus – A Powerful Web-Based Survey System

Compass Plus is a powerful web-based survey system designed to capture the human resources data you need to successfully run your business. It is designed to be customized to capture the exact data and information you need to excel.

Compass Plus is different from other 360˙ feedback companies in three important ways:

  • We will work with you and help you design just the survey you need. Our consultants and training experts are real people with real-world experience.
  • Compass Plus provides real “dual-scale” capabilities. For each question we capture two data sets, a ranking and a level of importance. The difference between the two is extremely important, identifying areas for individual and organizational focus. Our “dual scale” (also called “gap analysis”) gives the most accurate results available anywhere today, providing individuals and organizations with insightful information for enhancing leadership skills.
  • Compass Plus is fully customizable and can be configured to carry your logo and other corporate branding elements. Your employees and customers will see your name, not ours.