Executive Time Management

The information we now consider knowledge proves itself in action. What we now mean by knowledge is information effective in action, information focused in result.

This advanced educational program provides executives with the tools to work effectively and cohesively toward the achievement of common and individual goals. No matter what the individual self management style is, each manager learns the complete Time/Design process and learns to make it their own–to use the Time/Design system to support strategic and creative thinking; to accommodate the “give and take” of multiple responsibilities; to improve performance and increase productivity.

Time/Design teaches more than theory. It provides solutions. It will enable managers to work effectively toward achievement of personal and professional goals; to use the Time/Design Management System to support the process; to identify high-leverage activities that yield significant results. Time/Design instills a process so intuitive and adaptable to personal self management styles that it can literally be absorbed

Workshop Agenda

  • Identification and Description of Self Management Styles and Disciplines
  • Key Principles of Effective Self Management
  • Using the Time/Design Management System
  • Download and Capture Information
  • Filter, Organize and Centralize Information
  • Identify Next Actions
  • Track and Manage Projects and Information
  • Maintenance Routines