Executive Leadership Style

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Winners evaluate themselves in a positive manner and look for their strengths as they work to overcome weaknesses.

The job of the executive is to get results through others. Since every person is different in some way, and often in many ways, the very best leaders are those who have the greatest flexibility in their styles of working with other people. The managers’ ability to get the very most out of their direct reports is the key measure of effectiveness. When managers carefully analyze who they are working with and what they need for them to do, they will choose the best tools, techniques and methods to maximize the performance and productivity of their people.

The definition of leadership is the ability to elicit extraordinary performance from ordinary people. The purpose of organizations is to maximize strengths and make individual weaknesses irrelevant. The manager’s ability to combine a group of people into a high performance team is the single most important quality to develop for maximum results. During this session, participants learn to manage their leadership style in such a way to get the very best out of each of their direct reports.

Workshop Agenda

  • Advanced Style Analysis
  • Effective People Reading
  • Dynamic Communication
  • Four Critical Arenas of Influence
  • Communicating the Corporate Vision
  • Tapping into Emotions
  • Earning the Cooperation of Others
  • Interactive Delivery Skills that Build Influence
  • The Signature Story