Vision Into Action

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Work is the foundation of all business, the source of all prosperity, and the parent of genius.

The ability to set and implement business strategy is the key skill of leadership that determines everything else that happens within the organization. During this session, participants learn the key elements of strategic thinking, planning and implementation. Executives learn to develop key strategic objectives, how to plan and organize resources to achieve them, and how to work and think smarter rather than harder.

People and organizations with clear visions and values tend to accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than do organizations without them. When everyone in the organization is united by a clear strategic vision of the desired future state, a powerful synergy moves the organization towards its goals.

The major reason for success in companies is focus and concentration; the major reasons for failure are lack of direction and diffusion of effort. By following the principles presented in this session, managers are able keep the organization focused on key strategic initiatives that propel the company forward.

Workshop Agenda

  • Principles of Military Strategy
  • Strategic Reasons
  • Simplification of Strategic Planning
  • Concentration of Power
  • Market Share/Market Growth Matrix
  • Choosing Your Competitor
  • Quality Leadership
  • GOSPA Method of Planning