Motivation & Peak Performance

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Management is nothing more than motivating other people. — Lee Iacocca

As a leader, your impact on employee motivation is immeasurable. By your words, your body language, and the expression on your face, as a leader, you telegraph your opinion of their value to the people you employ.

Feeling valued by their supervisor in the workplace is key to high employee motivation and morale. Feeling valued ranks right up there for most people with liking the work, competitive pay, opportunities for training and advancement, and feeling “in” on the latest news.

Our personality type affects how we work and produce as individuals, how we participate in teams and how we communicate. Since these all play a part in our work life, it is important for managers to understand how different types of people want to be treated.

Motivation is intrinsic; it comes from within and cannot be created for one person by another. In this session, participants learn how to help others motivate themselves. Doing so influences people to help meet the manager’s goals tactically and the corporation’s goals strategically. These are not manipulative techniques. So long as the manager’s intentions are to further the legitimate goals of the organization, the approaches are ethical, objective and highly effective.

Workshop Agenda

  • Fear as a Motivator
  • Enlightened Self Interest
  • Role of Influence
  • Empowerment and Developing People
  • Motivation and Self Esteem
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Personality Types