Success is a Journey

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The key to your success is both simple and complex. It is this: dedicate yourself to the development of your natural talents and abilities by doing what you love to do, and doing it better and in the service of a cause that is greater than yourself. Being successful requires that you define your life in your own terms and then throw your whole heart into living to your fullest.

Everyone has an area of excellence. Everyone has something that he or she can do in an outstanding fashion. There is a direct correlation between the feeling of growth and the feeling of motivation or personal power. It is when you are growing progressively, becoming better at something that is important to you, that you feel alive and in touch with your world. Excellence is not the destination, but rather the lifelong journey.

High performance individuals know that you can’t hit a target that you can’t see. We can’t do wonderful things with our lives if we have no idea what they are. We must first become clear about what we want. We have to decide exactly what “success” means. We have to decide what our life would look like if we made it into a masterpiece. All great achievement begins with deciding what it is that we really want and then dedicating ourselves wholeheartedly to attaining it.


As a result of this session, participants emerge with:

  • Better understanding of personal motivation
  • Higher commitment to personal success
  • A desire to pursue worthy goals and ideals.

Program Topics

  • Three Predictions for the Future
  • Five Habits of Success
  • Seven Ingredients of Happiness
  • Success is a Journey
  • Characteristics of Human Behavior
  • Your Success Mechanism
  • Core Values
  • Five Keys to Achievement
  • Acres of Diamonds