Change Mastery: How to Marshall the Forces of Change

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The race is on! Do you want your team to be up front leading or to get left behind? By any objective measure, the amount of significant change has grown tremendously over the past two decades. Product and service cycles are accelerating at breakneck speeds. The economy is shifting more and more toward services and knowledge work. This shift to the new economy requires a vastly different approach to the way organizations and people operate. Considering the scope and speed of change, there will be precious opportunities for those who position themselves right and take personal responsibility for the future.

Change — real change — comes from the inside out. It comes from striking at the root — at the fabric of our thought, the fundamental, essential paradigms, which give definition to our character and create the lens through which we see the world. The last great freedom of man is the freedom to choose his or her attitude under any given circumstances. We cannot control what happens to us, but we can control our attitude toward what happens to us; and in doing so, we will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master us.

Learning Outcomes

Renewal is the principle and process that empowers us to move on an upward spiral of growth and change, of continuous improvement. Change Mastery participants learn how to be creators of circumstance, not creatures of circumstance. The aim is to become change masters, to embrace change, to welcome change, and to ride the tides of change.

  • Anticipate impending change and respond proactively.
  • Strategically plan change and make those plans a reality.
  • Instill a sense of urgency for mastering and profiting from change.
  • Lead and coach others in mastering change.
  • Communicate the goals and values of change in a positive way that can be embraced.