Achieving Personal Excellence

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The real revolution of the last 30 years, one we are still living through, is the switch from a life that is largely organized for us, once we have opted into it, to a world in which we are all forced to be in charge of our own destiny. An evolution in social values, pushed by breakthroughs in technology and a more competitive world, all conspire to loosen the bonds between institutions and individuals. For some this is exciting freedom; for others it is horrible insecurity.

Organizational success today then requires fully responsible, clearly focused individuals to perform at their personal best. When people feel as though they are growing as individuals, they become more dedicated to growing the company.

We’re in the information age. The economy is shifting more and more toward services, and toward knowledge work. The shift to the new economy requires a vastly different approach in the way organizations and people operate. Considering the scope and speed of change, there will be precious opportunities for those who position themselves right and take personal responsibility for our future.


Participants emerge from this self empowerment workshop with greater competence, confidence and commitment to achieving personal and corporate success.

  • Research on high performance
  • Definition of happiness
  • Taking charge and proactive self-management
  • Developing high standards of performance
  • Concentration and focus
  • Maximizing your social intelligence
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Kaizen and continuous learning
  • Integrity, ethics, courage and persistence