Value Based Selling

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Increase company profits by selling value, not price, eliminating the need to discount.

The current economic climate has forced most companies to look very carefully at what they purchase and the terms of that purchase. With the amount of discretionary spending substantially reduced, only those requirements that really add value are being considered.

When selling to business buyers, top sales professionals position themselves as financial improvement specialists. This requires that they focus all their attention showing the customer how their business can be financially better off as the result of using your product or service. Customers of top sales professionals describe these salespeople as consultants, “unpaid members of my staff.” They say “He or she really understands my situation.”

In Value Based Selling, sales people learn to start the sales process by asking specific questions about the prospect’s business, seeking to understand how sales and revenues are generated, how costs and expenses are incurred, and how profits are made. They learn to put themselves in the position of the business buyer and see themselves as personally trying to achieve the financial results for which their buyer is responsible.

The primary aim of Value Based Selling is to demonstrate to the prospect that the financial benefit of dealing with you is greater than the cost of what you are selling.

Workshop Agenda

  • Positioning Strategies
  • Information Sharing
  • Financial Improvement
  • Gap Analysis
  • Reducing Risk
  • Holding Your Price