Team Effectiveness

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Fully 95% of people who are let go from organizations are let go because of their inability to work well with others. Only 5% of layoffs are triggered by a lack of technical ability or competence.

Your teams’ ability to function as part of an effective work group is perhaps the most important way they make a valuable contribution to the organization. Understanding group dynamics is essential to your team’s success. Employees need to learn the critical skills necessary for them to function as a valuable member of any team and increase the value of their contribution to the organization.

A 20 year study at Stanford University examined the career paths of thousands of individuals to determine what qualities they either had or developed that enabled them to move ahead the most rapidly. Researchers concluded that there were two primary qualities that, more than any others, were indispensable for people who were promoted to positions of greater responsibility. The first quality was the ability to function well in a crisis. The second quality was the ability to function well as a member of a team. The tendency towards cooperation rather than confrontation was evident early in these individuals’ careers.

During our Team Effectiveness workshop, participants learn the critical skills of communications, group dynamics, problem solving and achieving work life balance.

  • Contribution vs. Recognition
  • Five Part Method for Building High Performance Teams
  • Four Stages of Group Development
  • Natural Resistance to Change
  • Obsolescence of Ideas and Assumptions
  • Attitude of Self Employment
  • Work Life Balance
  • Values Identification
  • Design the Perfect Lifestyle