Strategic Sales Planning

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Planning makes good things happen. Bad things happen by themselves. Forecasting and planning puts your head in front of your job and allows you to create an environment of peak performance. When you correctly use present knowledge, accurate forecasts estimate future sales. Your team uses plans to list the action necessary to generate those future sales.

This program enables salespeople to “plan their work and work their plan”. Each individual completes a strategic planning process as it applies to themselves personally and professionally, to their products and markets, to their territories and competition, and through to a complete blueprint for the entire sales period.

The most important difference in work life today is that every person is totally in charge of his or her own career and financial future. Each sales person is in charge of selling one product: their personal services. The goal of the effective sales representative is to increase the quality and quantity of the services they sell so they can increase their income. While the aim of corporate strategic planning is to increase the company’s ROE, Return on Equity, the aim of this workshop is to increase the sales professional’s ROE, Return on Energy. Their mental, emotional and physical energy is all they have to sell.

Workshop Agenda

Sales Forecasting

  • Four Ways to Project Sales
  • Market Analysis
  • Contact Management
  • Cost of Sales
  • ROTI – Return on Time Invested
  • Efficiency vs. Effectiveness
  • A, B, C Accounts and A, B, C Prospects
  • Key Account Management

Sales Planning

  • Personal Goal Setting
  • GOSPA Model – Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Plans and Actions
  • Pipeline Management
  • Ratio Management
  • Activity Management
  • Personal Skill Analysis
  • Sales Contract