Strategic Sales Management

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Today’s competitive marketplace is plagued with quality parity.

Professional buyers try to commoditize the business in order to drive lower prices.

The key to success is to develop clear and distinct differentiation in the eyes of the customer. Improving the quality of the sales team for some companies is the only path to developing a sustainable, competitive advantage. When the sales team is performing at higher levels, they in turn deliver a higher level of value for the customer. And the pivotal role for creating a high performance sales team is the sales manager.

The front line sales manager is the single most important determinant of overall sales results in the company. All improvements in the sales force begin with improvements in sales management. The role of the sales manager is the vital link between sales planning and sales results.

Sales management is an inexact science because salespeople are very different from most other employees. A sales manager must be a friend, a counselor, a confidant, a stern taskmaster and an efficient, business oriented executive — all at the same time. Salespeople¬† have emotional highs and lows, selling booms and slumps, and a variety of eccentricities that require a person with tremendous patience and superb human relations skills to manage and motivate. The strategic sales manager is the person who can mold a variety of different personalities into an effective sales team in order to produce predictable sales results month after month.

During this dynamic workshop, sales managers learn the role of strategy and how to execute strategy with and through their sales team. They learn to manage and motivate a  high performance sales force by using technology and innovation to set their company apart from the competition.

Workshop Agenda

  • Sales Strategy and Tactics
  • Management Models and Tools
  • Competitive Recruiting & Selection
  • Strategic Sales Coaching
  • Power and Motivation