Sales Time Management

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A salesperson’s most precious resource is their time — it’s all they have to sell.

And yet because of the independent nature of the world of selling, most sales professionals are not good time managers.

There are a series of time wasters — distracting behaviors — that salespeople fall prey to. As part of the Sales Time Management workshop, each sales professional completes an online assessment, the Proception2 Sales Report, which identifies individual time wasters and provides a reinforcement tool for sales managers.

In the world of business, only people can be made to appreciate in value — by helping them to become more productive. Each person can learn how to get more done, with lower stress, using these powerful, personal management tools and techniques. Participants are introduced to a new way of approaching time and personal performance. Each person learns how to save time and increase output in every area of life. This session deals with both the techniques and practices as well as the philosophy and psychology of time management.

The focus of the workshop is to address key challenges facing professional sales representatives today, including managing priorities between servicing existing clients and selling new clients, territory management challenges and overall organizational skills.

The number one challenge business professionals face today is time poverty; people feel there is not enough time to do all that they need to do. During the workshop, a series of practices and time management tracking systems are provided that give sales professionals a tremendous sense of control over their time and a sense of balance between their personal lives and their work lives.

Workshop Agenda

  • Proception2 Sales Report
  • Top Time Wasters
  • Territory Management
  • Strategic Sales Planning
  • Prospecting for New Business
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Time Tracking System