Presentation Excellence

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Being an excellent presenter can boost your career and your esteem. And preparation is the bulk of delivering a successful presentation.

Beginning with understanding your audience and knowing what kind of results you want from your presentation, this workshop prepares you to become an eloquent presenter by practicing a logical process. Even if you’ve feared speaking publicly, this session will help you gain clarity, focus and action from your meetings and provide you with tips for making you feel more settled in your presentations. You’ll even identify seven smart and different ways to open your presentation, plus three must-follow rules for making your presentation the most effective it can be.

Learn ten techniques for grabbing your audience’s attention with every presentation. Learn to put together a clever presentation by setting the tone and tempo, building the body of the program, visualizing and delivering a close your listener’s won’t forget. Master the three distinct parts to giving a successful presentation. Learn how to build expectancy and a “bridge” with your audience.

Participants gain the specific skills and direction needed to become comfortable with their own presentation style, and they learn to feel comfortable before an audience. Each presentation delivered in class is recorded on videotape for playback and review with the instructor and the presenter’s peers. Sales reps receive feedback designed to meet their individual needs. They analyze what works and what doesn’t, make adjustments, observe their improvements, and are ready for their next presentation on the job.

Workshop Agenda

  • Five Basic Reasons for Making Presentations
  • Prepare the Three Parts of Presenting
  • Three Effective Rules for Delivering Dynamic Presentations
  • The PREP Formula for Making your Case
  • Ten Skills Used by Top Speakers, including the “Windshield Wiper” Method
  • Utilize Tempo, Speed, Visualization and Other Techniques
  • Set the Stage for your Presentation