New Psychology of Selling

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Selling in today’s market requires a totally different game plan than it did just a few years ago. To be among the top five percent of this country’s salespeople, a salesperson must thoroughly understand and professionally apply the rules of two games: the outer game of selling — the key technical professional skills to make more sales, and make them faster and easier than ever before; and the inner game of selling — the mental laws that affect one’s thought processes and thus significantly affect sales and income. Professional Selling Skills: The New Psychology of Selling is designed to give the serious salesperson guidance in learning and applying the rules of both the inner and outer games of selling.

The workshop also deals with the realities of today’s customer — the most demanding customer there’s ever been. In particular, the sessions provide clear strategies on how to develop and manage relationships that keep customers loyal. We focus on uncovering customer needs. Being able to ask the right questions not only gains credibility, but also produces sales performance that leads to results. Staying focused on customer relationships rather than non-sales tasks results in higher sales productivity.

Top salespeople every industry are invariably more skilled, better organized and more highly motivated. The way to achieve and exceed sales projections is to give salespeople the skills they require to make their quotas. This powerful, practical, results-oriented program gives salespeople the technical skills, personal management systems, and motivational tools they need to achieve outstanding results as sales professionals.


As a result of this workshop, salespeople emerge with:

  • Better questioning and listening techniques
  • Higher motivation and greater enthusiasm
  • Better organizational skills leading to more effective time usage
  • More effective skills in handling objections
  • More effective closing skills
  • Clear sales goals and plans to achieve them.

Program Topics

  • The New Model of Selling
  • Buyer Personality Types
  • Building Trust with Customers
  • Sales Presentation Skills
  • Seven Secrets of Persuasion
  • How to Handle Objections
  • How to Qualify Your Prospect
  • Closing Requirements and Signals
  • How to Approach Your Prospect
  • Mental Preparation for Selling
  • Keys to Psychological Selling
  • How to Set and Achieve Sales Goals