Negotiation Strategies and Tactics

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Your ability to negotiate well on your own behalf, both in selling and in personal life, is essential to getting the very best prices, terms and deals that are available to you. People who do not like to negotiate are people who are simply not very good at negotiating. Like riding a bicycle, negotiating is a skill that can be learned by study and practice. You can become an excellent negotiator if you really want to. Your ability to negotiate well for yourself and your company can make an enormous difference in the quality of your sales and the degree of profitability you achieve for your organization.

Top negotiators in every field have been studied for many years. They each have similar qualities that you can learn and apply to every situation you deal with in selling. By practicing the behaviors of top negotiators, you will soon get the same result that they do.

In this workshop, you learn how to approach every negotiating situation with a set of proven tools and techniques that you can use to get the very best deal for yourself and your company.

Workshop Agenda

  • The qualities of top negotiators
  • How to use negotiations as a sales tool
  • Key requirements for negotiating
  • Three primary aims of negotiating in selling
  • Six primary styles of negotiators
  • How to anticipate the other’s position and needs accurately
  • Practice the number one key negotiating skill
  • The critical role of timing
  • Develop options in advance
  • The Law of Four