Financial Acumen for Sales Executives

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In the complex selling environment, sales professionals are often called upon to discuss the return on investment (ROI) of their products and services. In addition, management is asking sales professionals to gain access to senior managers and executives in the client organization. This twin need of “calling higher” and “selling ROI” has left a number of sales professionals feeling uncomfortable. They have strong relationship skills and know the products inside and out; but being unable to discuss the financial impact of their offering with senior executives, holds them back. In short they don’t call higher because they are not too sure what to say when they get there.

Financial Acumen for Sales Executives (FASE) was created to help sales professionals understand the business issues that drive buying decisions and decision-making behavior. FASE is an intensive program to help sales representatives position themselves and their corporations with their client’s financial management team. This program presents a business performance-based approach to positioning the value of a company’s products and services. It is oriented to those salespeople who need to establish the business value of the sale to those who ultimately make important financial decisions.

During the workshop, participants gain a strong understanding of accounting and finance. They learn to use this information to evaluate a customer’s potential needs and direction and how to apply that to their sales effort. This course uses annual reports, corporate 10-K’s and other SEC information to gain a strong financial understanding of the client and the competition.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how corporations measure their business performance
  • Understand customer performance as their key buying criteria
  • How to provide business value as it relates to how the customer serves its customer
  • Learn to read an annual report and to assess the financial health of an organization
  • Look at areas of growth and stability as well as questionable and poor performing areas within the company for sales potential
  • Read financial and activity ratios in order to determine issues that can propel or stall a sale
  • Gain the ability to initiate and sustain a high level business discussion
  • Learn how to articulate the impact your product and services have on your customer’s business performance
  • Create business propositions based on hard financial returns