Creating a High Trust Environment

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The average person works at 50% or less of their potential. This means that the greatest improvement and performance in results can come from unlocking and unleashing the latent potential of the manager’s direct reports.

Top managers are those who can create an environment where peak performance takes place. This requires simultaneously putting all the known motivators in place while removing the demotivators that inhibit performance.

The very best organizations are far more productive and profitable than average organizations in the same industry. These organizations are characterized as “a great place to work.” They are also characterized as “high trust” environments, where people feel terrific about themselves and their work.

In a high trust environment, you will not be as free to sneak things by, to withhold information, to pretend you know something that you don’t, or to propose and implement self serving policies that undermine team goals. In this environment, you must be trustworthy, because you know you are bound to your team in the long run by your shared purpose. The lack of trust pervasive in most organizations is not a cause of lack of intimacy, but a symptom of it.

Workshop Topics

  • Corporate Climate
  • Self Motivation
  • Self Concept Psychology
  • Fear and Doubt
  • Principle of Belief
  • Principle of Expectations
  • Principle of Correspondence