Behavioral Selling Skills

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The single biggest obstacle to sales success is tension between the sales representative and the customer. When this tension is clear, some call it a personality mismatch. Most sales representatives do well when the customer matches their style, but what about the rest of their customer base?

When a sales representative meets with a customer, chances are their personalities will not be identical. Somebody has to adjust. The sales rep should do the adjusting, of course. If by adapting their style, they can allow the customer to remain in their own comfort zone, they increase the chances of the customer making a purchase decision.

Advanced sales success requires skilled people-reading and subtle shadings in the style and focus of communications to create an environment in which the prospect can make a buying decision. Behavioral Selling Skills is a training and coaching tool to help experienced salespeople become superstars. First the sales rep is provided with a computer generated, personalized overview of their own DISC behavioral style. Next, their natural approach to the selling process is revealed.

A revolutionary breakthrough in applied selling technology, Behavioral Selling Skills is a learning system that helps sales professionals develop the flexibility needed to adapt their behavior to buyers’ behavioral preferences and expectations. Based on practical, real-life examples, the program helps them sell the way their buyers want to buy, resulting in more productive, long-term client relationships.

Workshop Agenda

  • Research Validation
  • Power Points of Human Behavior
  • What I Already Know About Social Styles
  • Understanding Your Graphs
  • DISC Power Points
  • Marston’s Research
  • Recognizing Your Customer’s Behavioral Style
  • Behavioral Buying Habits
  • Advanced Language Learning