Advanced Selling Skills

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Selling today is challenging. Selling today is a reflection of a changing society, its values and preferences. Selling today is a reflection of the changing technology in the marketplace. So, sales representatives must continue to adapt to change.

What is complex selling today? It involves multiple face-to-face visits, requires a significant investment of time by the sales professional and represents an opportunity for both buyer and seller. Clients desire partners, not vendors. The market demands mutually beneficial business relationships, not one time profit-oriented transactions.

Maintaining a feature-oriented product offering and a competitive advantage is becoming more difficult. The determinant of corporate success in many cases depends entirely upon the quality of its sales force. Selling, however, is an inexact science. There are no answers that are right all the time, but there are some methods and techniques that work most of the time. If sales representatives use them regularly, they will dramatically improve their effectiveness.

During this interactive workshop, sales professionals learn and begin to apply the critical skills and techniques necessary for achieving a higher level of customer intimacy and sales performance.

This program is designed for salespeople involved in business-to-business selling. Advanced Selling Skills teaches professional salespeople proven, practical ideas that they can use immediately to enhance their effectiveness and sales. The course is based on actual sales experience in the field selling tangibles and intangibles, utilizing a consultative sales model. The program summarizes and synthesizes the very best work in research and methodology by sales professionals and consultants from over the past 20 years, and it provides a complete sales process to navigate the complex sale.

Program Topics

  • Sales Process and Buying Cycle
  • Positioning Strategies
  • Account Acquisition Strategies
  • Tactical Face-to-Face Skills
  • Gap Analysis and Plan Development
  • Presentations and Proposals

Outcomes Consulting

In order to turn good ideas into meaningful action, specific action plans and sales behavioral changes are developed and later reinforced. Common sales behaviors include:

  • Key Account Targeting
  • Major Account Mapping
  • Pipeline Management
  • Pre-Call Planning
  • Pro-Forma Development
  • Entry Strategy Matrix
  • Competitive Differentiation Analysis
  • Buyer Power Analysis
  • Advance/Sale Ratio