Sales Strategy Assessment

Take just 15 minutes to complete the Sales Strategy Assessment. Your report identifies your primary sales strategy and the gaps in your sales performance. Check only one answer for each question. Complete all 22 questions.

The Sales Strategy Assessment helps us to work with your management team and define your Ideal Sales Model. Step-by-step, we formulate your Client Acquisition Model, your Proposal and Presentation Process and your Reinforcement and Follow-up System. Each step is repeatable, trainable and measurable.

This sales management system is different from what you have experienced in the past. Canned, one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf programs may have left you trying to decide whether their model fits the way you do business. Seminar programs, where you get all the information at once, are like getting a drink of water at a fire hydrant–just too much to handle. Or, there is little follow up on the program. While good ideas may have been presented, getting your team to follow through on those ideas is often difficult.

The Sales Strategy Assessment works because it allows you to tap into the inherent tacit knowledge of your management team. And the sales training system works, because it deploys your management team as the prime implementers of new sales behaviors. The outcome is not only a customized sales program that delivers better and more effective sales results, but a repeatable system that can be measured, coached and presented to new hires.

So, what is the right sales strategy for your company? Each selling environment is unique. As your product/service offering progresses through its natural cycle from early adapters to main street, your sales strategy needs to change. Should your sales group work the 80/20 rule, use a consultative style, or is a team selling approach more appropriate for your business? Identifying the right sales model and applying the right skill set will dramatically improve your sales team’s performance.