Management Assessments


The Assess Competency Personality Assessment System is a state-of-the-art, computerized expert system that produces work-related assessments for use in the business environment. Assess helps managers in two areas:

  1. Making effective personnel selection, placement and promotion decisions.
  2. Providing objective developmental feedback and suggestions to the person being assessed.

When should ASSESS be used? To assist in the selection of outside candidates and for the promotion, placement or development of internal candidates. Who is it for? Managers, Supervisors and Professionals.

The Selection Report provides an in-depth evaluation of a candidate’s assets and liabilities to determine job fit, performance potential and management needs. This report is suitable for any stage of the selection process.

The Developmental Report provides constructive, objective feedback to the individual being assessed. In addition to a detailed description of important personality traits and intellectual abilities, if measured, this report provides interactive worksheets and developmental suggestions.

DISC Style Analysis

DISC Style Analysis is a modern, computerized system that gives participants a better understanding of themselves and those around them. These instruments have been administered to over 30 million people worldwide and have earned the respect of many professionals based on its accuracy and validity. Our comprehensive validity study is available on request.

Business Motivators

The Business Motivators assessment offers insights into why people do the things they do. It provides language, so we can better understand people’s motivations. This is different than a DISC based style analysis, which examines a person’s behavioral traits, or a Myers-Briggs test, which identifies one’s personality type.

360° Feedback

Multi-rater or 360° feedback is a tool used in many organizations for helping employees at all levels gain insight into their strengths and developmental needs by providing feedback from multiple perspectives–peers, subordinates, managers, and internal and external customers. Our 360° Feedback System lets you design your own 360° surveys by using our standard questions, writing your own questions, or simply using our ready-made surveys.

Select System

The Select System is a family of pre-employment tests designed to measure important work-related, personality characteristics predictive of success in entry-level jobs. SELECT tests are used early in the employment selection process, after initial screening, but before the employment interview. SELECT tests are validated for specific job types (i.e. Customer Service, Administrative Support) or a group of jobs in a specific industry (i.e. Health Care, Convenience Stores).