Sales Strategy Podcast

Strategy is a plan to deploy your resources in a way that brings your strengths to bear, creating momentum that leads to victory. You can win without strategy; it’s called luck. Most organizations turn their sales strategy over to their sales force without clear definition. The three point sales strategy of “here’s your cards, here’s your brochures, there’s the door” is still quite common. Salespeople need a mental picture and map of how they plan to win. And, then they need to effectively implement the plan. Strategy is how you intend to achieve your sales objectives; it’s your plan of attack. It is how you plan to allocate resources, what you’re going to sell to whom, where and when. Tactics are the day-to-day detail actions your sales team does to execute the sales strategy. Competitive advantage doesn’t come from awareness of a sales strategy, it comes from consistent execution of your strategy faster than the competition.

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