Creating a Leadership Team


A mid-sized publishing firm purchased a competitor located geographically near them. While the physical plant was somewhat outdated, the products, customer base and management talent were worth the investment. The challenge then for the firm was to not only retain the new managers, but have them fully engaged side-by-side with the managers of the purchasing firm.


  • Develop a combined Leadership Team from both facilities
  • Create a new corporate entity that both management teams could co-develop
  • Find and exploit cost efficiencies created through the acquisition

Consulting Process

The entire combined management team engaged in a Leadership Development Process. The process was spearheaded with a multi-day Strategic Thinking and Planning Process that helped the combined team to create their firm of the future. Leadership development progressed through a 12 month process which included executive development for the senior management team, strategic planning review sessions, and management training. Leadership 360° Feedback and Critical Success Factor tools were utilized as part of the Leadership Development Process. Organizational Performance Audit and Competency Based Position Analysis assessments were also deployed as part of the process.  The strategic plan was reviewed and updated on a regular basis. During subsequent Strategic Planning sessions, the team developed contingency plans and engaged in Scenario Planning that involved possible future scenarios.

Client Outcomes

  • Purchased new combined facility that housed both organizations
  • Redesigned existing product lines and added additional products
  • Reworked customer acquisition and retention teams
  • 100% management retention
  • Began measuring key measurables including market share, employee and customer satisfaction
  • Uncovered additional distribution outlets
  • Provided additional education for the employee workforce to create a new corporate entity

From the Senior Executive

“Our consultant is able to take our combined management team, involve them in an educational process, keep each of them participating and interested to the point where all of them individually progress and our entire company progresses.”